WHAT IS O2toDerm?

O2toDerm, also known as Oxygen Glass Facial or Oxygen Dome Therapy, is a hyperbaric anion oxygen system. The 

revolutionary system turns natural air into pure oxygen of up to 92% and delivers it through the dome-shaped mask

in a hyperbaric-like chamber. It generates the amount of anion ( negative anion) by 3 million more than natural 

production. Anions are vitamins from the air, similar to what you get in a deep forest. They induce and stabilize free 

radicals which in turn regenerate new cells, reduce bacteria, rebalance PH levels, improve signs of aging, correct and 

heal damaged cells.


Anions are "vitamins from air". Anions improves respiration, cell activity, and wellbeing.

Anions have the ability to reduce reactive oxygen species, revitalize cells, improve our circulatory system, and improve 

the body's response to healing. Reactive Oxygen Species is a number of reactive molecules and free radicals derives 

from oxygen. Too much ROS can cause cell death. A sufficient amount of ROS can hep cells grow.

Free Radicals are atoms or molecules that have lost one or more electron. This causes chain reactions to gain electrons 

to destabilize. Causes of free radicals could be air pollution, radiation, smoking, burnt food, extreme stress, and sun exposure.

Anion is vitamin from the air

O2toDerm generation more three thousand times anions than naturally made.

*Oxygen Therapy

A cooling effect of oxygen shrinks expanded pores, reduces pain, and is effective for calming your skin. It recovers damaged cells in a short time by generating more than 90% of high-concentrated oxygen and helps to disinfect acne. It promotes skin respirations having back vitality to skin and prevention of aging.

*Anion Therapy
High concentrations of anions are supplied to the body by skin respiration with the forests healing effects and prevent to aging. Three million anions help skin cells being healthy, recovering inflammation, allergy, atopy and blood purification.

*Oxygen Ampoule Therapy
High concentrated oxygen and ampoule help to provide collagen regeneration, moisture, nourishment and to brighten to skin deeply without irritation as spraying method in a cosmeceutical way.

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Product Name: O2 TO DARM

Type: Portable

Model Number: FT-OTD

Target Area: Body, Face, Eyes, Neck/Throat

Plugs Type: AU, UK, EU, US, JP, Za, It

Warranty: 1 year

Application: For Commercial

Feature: Whitening, Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Treatment

Package Type: Standard packing

After-sales Service Provided: Online support

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