Cryolipolysis lava machine
Product parameter
Modus potentia copiaX% ± AC220V, 50HZ, X% ± AC110V 60Hz
Rated potestas800W
pressura negans0-80Kpa
RefrigerantXLV ℃ ~ -10to
Laser virtute100mw / PCs
Cavitation frequency40KHz
M. freequency5MHz
Quantitas cryoIII quam at pede
coolantPurificati aqua vel speciale Agnus coolant
caliditasV ℃ -40 ℃
relativum humiditas≦ LXXX%
tactus screenVIII pollices
apparatus moleLXIII LV * * 96cm
stipare magnitudineLXIV * * XLIII 64cm
Product Introduction

Basic notitia
  • anno potitusque
  • Business Type
  • Patriae / Regio
  • pelagus Industry
  • pelagus Products
  • Legal personam Enterprise
  • summa Employees
  • Precium annua output
  • export Market
  • Customers aliquid
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